Qualifications & applications

The role of the IQSK is to further the development of quantity surveying as a profession in an effort to improve services offered to those who need quantity surveying services. In this regard, we draw our members from a broad section of the society provided they have a demonstrated interest in pursuing quantity surveying as a profession.

registrationYou may become a full member of the IQSK by registering as Corporate, Fellow, or Licentiate members. You may also become an associate member if you are a Graduate, a Technician, a Student, Honorary, Visiting or Retired member.

Our membership options make it possible for you to find a membership arrangement that best suits your circumstances in order to enjoy the services and opportunities that our members enjoy.

To register as a member, please fill the registration form, print the duly filled form and submit it to the IQSK offices for verification and payment.

You can find more details about which class you are best suited to be registered by downloading a copy of the IQSK constitution.

Entrance Fees & Annual Subscriptions


 Membership  Entrance Fee (Kshs)  Annual Subscription (Kshs)
Fellows  11,000
 100,000 (Lifetime)
Professional  3,000  7,000
 Licentiate  1,500 4,500
 Graduate  1,500  3,000
 Technician  750  2,500
 Students 400